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Join the Internet Directory of Tax Professionals

Increase your business by advertising on the World Wide Web! Join the The Internet Directory of Tax Professionals, and have your own web page especially designed for letting others know who you are and what you can do for them. Gain new clients! Increase your business! Expand your practice! For only $10.00 a month ($120/year paid in advance) and an initial, one-time $30 Set-Up fee, you can own your own Internet address; e.g.:

8 Good Reasons Why You Should Join Now!

tri_bl2.gif (183 bytes)  Use your Internet Address on your stationery, business cards, and yellow page listing. Pass it out to all your clients to make it easy for them to make referrals to you.

tri_bl2.gif (183 bytes)  Your Internet Address will allow you to tell everyone about you and your practice. Any prospective new client reading your web page will know all of your credentials and experience before they even call. This will make it easier for them to make a decision to see you, particularly if they know of other practitioners who don't have their own web page.

tri_bl2.gif (183 bytes)  The Internet Directory of Tax Professionals will be linked from a major tax web site at:,
especially designed for taxpayers or "potential clients." As those taxpayers visit that site, or the companion site at, they will see the listing to The Internet Directory of Tax Professionals. Each state tax page of the Sister States site also has a link to this directory. And a lot of traffic to these two sites comes directly from search engines!

tri_bl2.gif (183 bytes)  You can custom tailor your directory listing any way you wish. We have provided a template for you to follow, which you can use or adapt to your needs. All you have to do is fill in the blanks. But you can add your own information, or delete information. Plus, the Personal Comments section gives you the opportunity to write anything you want about yourself and/or your practice. Any lines on the template that you don't use will be deleted, so you never have to worry about being embarrassed if you don't have information for a particular line item. To see an example of how one practitioner customized his listing, go to:
We do ask, however, that if you are going to make big changes to the template that you type out those changes, and send them to us in typewritten form along with the Survey sheet and Order Form, (and don't forget the check). Or, if you prefer, you can send them to us on a disk.

tri_bl2.gif (183 bytes)  We have also added design elements for you to use, such as royalty free photos, and clip-art, which you can view and choose on-line.

If you don't see anything you like here, you can supply your own photos, and we will scan them in and place them on your page for a small charge of $25 per photo.

If you want to use a professional photo, we have made an exclusive arrangement with the Washington Stock Photo agency to supply anything you want from hundreds of selections. You have two choices:

(1) You can pick from a handful of selections shown on our site, for a small charge of $50 per photo and a two-year commitment. (This arrangement is so special, that it would save you hundreds of dollars off their normal royalty rates.).

(2) With our arrangement, you can choose from any photos shown on the WSP web site for $100 per photo, and a two-year commitment. (All their photos on-line are watermarked, but your photo will not be.) All you have to do is go to their web site, view their photos, write down the photo file name, and put it on the Order Form. No need to even contact Washington Stock Photo. Full instructions will come later.

tri_bl2.gif (183 bytes)  Your directory listing is your own web page, something that no "free" database directory can give you. Not only is The Internet Directory of Tax Professionals submitted to all the major search engines, and to over 300 other business links and directories, your directory page will also be submitted to those same search engines and directories, at no extra charge. If you've been an internet user for awhile, you know how difficult it is to find something on the internet, even with using a search engine where you are likely to get tens of thousands of "hits" for any search. Now, we're not promising that you're going to get top listings on those searches, but you know that every little bit helps.

tri_bl2.gif (183 bytes)  If you already have another web site or page elsewhere, we will put in a link on your page to the other web site or page. That way, you will have the best of two opportunities to impress any prospective new clients.

tri_bl2.gif (183 bytes)  It's so easy to get started. There are only five quick steps (No need to write these down, you will print them out on the following pages):

STEP #1: Print out these three separate documents: the Survey Questionnaire, the Survey Instructions, and the Order Form. Place the Order Form in front of while you are still on-line. Decisions you will have to make on the Order Form can only be made after following the next two steps.

STEP #2: Select the Basic Template, or pick a Template design from the Template samples. (Four design choices: art/photo on left side of  heading, on right side of heading, on both sides of heading, or above heading.) If you don't want clip art or photos on your page, you can choose the Basic Template design. You'll be able to view examples of the Basic Template and other Template designs when you go to the EZ-to-Start Instructions page at the link below.

STEP #3: Either pick your art or photos from the art or photos pages, or you can send us the photos you would like us to scan and place on your page.

STEP #4: Complete the Survey Questionnaire while offline, using the Survey Instructions as your guide.

STEP #5: Send us your Survey Questionnaire, Order Form, check (amount is computed on the Order Form), and any photos you want us to scan.

To Get Started Now, Click The Next Link Below:

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